Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini Megs jewelry

We are in the last leg of the show now - wow what a marathon it has been. The month of March I am told is the most exciting and most profitable!! I have been enjoying the warmer weather, heading up sales training for the artists, painting away, and building my collector base. I learn something new everyday. I have just finished a night scene painting that is spectacular!! I'll post a jpg when I take a photo. I've entered a show in August up in Park City Utah am looking forward to hearing back in April from them. I am presently working on jewelry called minimegs that will be sold here in town at Yoga Nirvana Studio where I practice weekly AND on the road at various art fairs around the country. They will be at the Ostrich Festival next weekend - $20 for a necklace. They have a miniature image from my paintings and either the words peace, love or joy imprinted on them and they are made from reclaimed corrigated metal. I wear one at the show sometimes that also has "buy my art" imprinted on it - hee hee. Oh, got some press on the ABC 15 website for my work and also in a few local publications. Very exciting!!!