Thursday, March 18, 2010

4th Ave. Festival tucson live - but not really!

So, I thought I'd be super cool with the new technology of having the internet on my phone. I thought I could send pix right from my phone to my blog and give you all a thrill. Well, it was a titch harder than expected and all you got was this title and no photo's. HA! Now I know I'll stick to using my computer and I swear I'll share them as fast as possible!!! Hilarious.

I've attached some photo's of the booth and couldn't pass up one of Josh and his snake. One of the many interesting people I met this last weekend in Tucson!! Weather was fabulous and there was a sea of people pretty much the whole weekend. Used my new fancy credit card processing machine and it was fantastic once I put the paper in right and charged it up at the bar across the street! First sale was a print of Cowpoke Flo. The prints on travertine tile sold really well. Can't wait for you to see them! Sold out of "Love Me" images, and have many new potential pet portraits.

Got to eat the most delicious homemade tacos from our 3rd Cousin Jerry while there! Yum -
We felt the love Tucson : )