Monday, November 24, 2008

Arizona Audubon Society Show

An art event just in time for Holiday shopping!
I am excited to invite you to a special showing of my newest paintings at Gifts from Nature sponsored by the Audubon Society in Arizona. See the invitation below for details.
I will be showcasing my newest creativity on corrigated metal that include a sephia, zen and endangered species series of paintings with a variety of price ranges to fit any budget. Where: Outside at Cattletrack Artists Compound at 6105 N. Cattle Track Rd.(Miller Rd.) off McDonald inbetween Scottsdale and Hayden.
When: Friday December 5th from 5p-9p and Saturday from 10am-4pm
Why: Art, food, live entertainment, hands-on holiday art activities and ME - how can you resist! Who: 30 artists including me of course!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flygirl Series

"Girls just want to have fun", Cindy Lauper so elequently said once in a song I grew up listening to. That was basically what I wanted to accomplish in this set of paintings, just have some fun. Let loose a little bit and get back to the child inside. So, how does a grown up adult woman of 42 do that? Well, I chose to partner up so to speak, with my neighbor, Hannah, across the street who is 11 and use her drawings as springboards for my work. She provided me with about 10 drawings of girls of various shapes and sizes to which I then created this series of paintings. Each painting has some reference of flight in it so the name Flygirl series seemed fun and appropriate. Hannah was my inspiration and I thank her for sharing her drawings with me. You can see the whole Flygirl Series on my website HERE.

Affirmations Series

Some of my friends and family have said I am grounded and have a very positive attitude about life. I think this series speaks to that belief about myself. I believe you always have a choice of what your attitude or focus is going to be, each moment of everyday. One of the ways I help myself focus on seeing the abundance and gratitude in my life is by using affirmations from time to time. When my thoughts turn to feeling sad or frustrated or depressed there is nothing like a quick sentence or word that turns my energy around and puts me in a better place. This set of paintings represent the bigger lessons that I had about my own life and how I really want to live it. If you read the words on this set of paintings you will see what's important to me and how I choose to live my life. In my car right now you would see notes on my dashboard of my daily affirmations that help me stay in the flow of good energy. BELIEVE!


I just wanted to quickly update the status of the Endagered Species Series (see posts below.) The Wolf and the Jaguar are now sold too but you can still pick up the original Ocelot, Eagle, Polar Bear or Turtle on re-purposed corrugated metal, and of course order prints of any of them from my website.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Custom Paintings of your beloved pet

Hi animal and art lovers! I want to get the word out that I do pet portrait commissions.
The smallest size I will do is a 16x20 which would be $650 - I can do any bigger sizes and would quote them accordingly.
I would love the opportunity to paint any of your pets! Prints of these are available from my shop HERE.
If you know anyone who might want a pet portrait or is a real pet lover please forward this on to them.

Last of Endangered Species Series

Hello art lovers! I wanted to share the latest in the endangered species series on reclaimed corrugated metal. The eagle, polar bear, and turtle are priced at $245 each for the originals! Get them while they last - The grizzly bear is already sold but prints are available on canvas or paper from my online shop if you are interested. I have found a new printer for the canvases so prices are less expensive than before.

Endangered Species Series

Welcome to my new work. I was inspired to paint this series after attending a Court hearing for Arizona Eagles. Eagles in general were taken off the endangered species list in August but our native bald eagles which are smaller and lighter than other eagles were petitioned to have their own protection because there are only a few dozen left. It was a very inspirational hearing and I hope the series translates that emotion. The good news is that a federal judge decided to grant our Arizona Eagles to remain under the act's protection.
These are the first 3 paintings in the series. The material I am painting on is reclaimed tin roofing from the original Courthouse property in Florence, Arizona. I will be going to Sedona at the end of the month to get these into a gallery there, so if you'd like them buy them now. . . .
Mexican Wolf - $1012

Ocelot - $1012
Jaguar - $1282You can also buy more affordable giclee prints from my online shop by clicking HERE.