Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why do bright colors feel good?

Why am I so attracted to colorful things?  Why does my heart sing when I see this wall of color?  Why do I feel alive when I am around color? First, think of everything being made of energy and vibrations.  You, me, the plants, the sky, music, your dog, all vibrate at a frequency of energy.  When humans vibrate at a high frequency we are said to be state of joy or feeling good.  Any self help book will tell you exercise, laughter, and being in nature lift our vibration just to name a few.  Well, turns out colors have vibrations too.  Very muted colors have low vibrations like tans, greys, etc.  And saturated colors like the above have very high vibrations and that translates to feeling good around them.  That's why I choose to use bright colors in my paintings, to lift people up, to help heighten our vibrations.  So, in a round about way you could say my paintings are therapy for the soul!  Love it!