Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonders of the trip north

Photo is an Ospreys nest with a baby in it!! This was on a telephone pole on the way to Teton Village off the side of the road. We pulled over and snapped this photo.

Hard to believe there's been 3 fantastic Art festivals already on the tour. Livingston, Jackson and Vail have been everything I imagined and more of course : ). We've been so blessed with beautiful weather, good food, great accomodations, amazing venues, and breathtaking views. I've been fortunate enough to see grizzly bears, buffalo, antelope, baby eagles, and many more little varmets and all just far enough to take my breath away. The northwest is truly a kaleidescope of beautiful greens of every shade and texture. Heidi, of Paris Montana, and her Airstream extraordinare were packed a little better this year and those 1600 miles seemed to fly by with great ease and enjoyment.

I thank God as often as I can for this adventure called "selling my art". I would never have dreamed it could be this fun. Can't wait for the next show in Boulder, CO this coming weekend at the 29th Street Mall. My husband Tory will be my travel partner for the next two shows which is awesome. Looking forward to our adventures together!!! More to come . . .