Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Please adopt a dog named Meg

I was in the parking lot of my hotel in Topeka, Kansas when this gorgeous four legged girl came up to greet me.  She was interested in being my friend but with distance at first.  She followed me into the lobby of the hotel and we became immediate bffs playing for over an hour.  No tags, no collar, no trace.  Roger, the hotels sales manager and my other new bff is a huge advocate for animals.  He heard of our new friend and drove an hour out of his way to pick her up and bring her to the humane society and promptly named her Meg.  She is sooooo sweet and has not been adopted yet.  My heart is heavy thinking of her.  I thought it might help so share this story, maybe you know someone in Topeka who wants an adorable new bff.  I sure hope so.  Roger, thanks for all your visits, treats, and walks with Meg.  How can you resist this face?