Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Billings and Boulder

The last two shows were super fun too! Billings was in a great park - met some great people and enjoyed some great art purchases. I was kinda sad that this was my last show in Montana but I know I'll be back next summer and add some more cities on the tour. I'd like to do a show in Bozeman and Missoula and then farther north and west. I've heard I didn't even get to see the most beautiful part of Montana - next time!

My hubby met me in Billings and we traveled south together thru Wyoming and then Colorado. I think that was the most beautiful part of the drive - we didn't go on any interstates! Two lane roads thru little towns are the best. We felt like we got to see an IMAX movie every day we were on the road.
We loved Boulder for sure. What's not to love with so much natural beauty wrapped up with a gorgeous downtown (loved Pearl St.) and lots of outdoor activities. We got to go tubing right in town - wow! We stayed with friends and had bbq's and music and lots of laughs. The show was at the 29th street mall outside which was different for me. It was all good though, lots of interest in pet portraits in Boulder which was fantastic! Can't wait to go back.
Back at home in the studio painting and entering shows for the fall. Austin, Texas is the next city at the end of September! Can't wait.