Monday, December 5, 2011

High Rollin' Grey Wolf $125

This blend of nature meets Vegas is a show stopper indeed. The rose of the front is the perfect amount of BLING. There are playing cards around the frame as well with a gold metal shoulder strap. LOVE IT. Email me if you are interested

My Kasle Cigar Box Purse $125

This one in a million hand painted cigar box purse is funky all in the right ways. It's faux fur lined and ready for action. Email me if you are interested. Front and back shown above.

Adorably punk cigar box purse $125

This one of a kind cigar box purse is hand painted and has bright red faux fur inside the purse. A must for the black lab puppy purse lover in your life. Just email me if you are interested at

Monday, November 21, 2011

Grateful for the love

When life brings you special people, I mean really special people I get overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so pleased to share this angel I met in Northern California with you. Duane met me at an art festival in the bay area, loved my work and purchased art. That next day came back and purchased another piece. We crossed paths again at another festival and he purchased another painting. Thank you Duane for being an awesome collector : ) weeeeeeeee

But that's not the end. We then kept in touch and he offered to help me with quickbooks. He took up 3 precious hours of his time and answered questions, wow. I left his house that day with a truck load of materials he donated for future paintings plus a much greater knowledge of accounting and was so grateful. So sweet. To top it off, that night he took my husband and I out to dinner and we had a blast. I am so blessed to have people like Duane in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you Duane. I am grateful for you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Painting On The Road . . .

This summer was a blast for sure. Who knew I'd have so much fun painting in the forest. It was so inspirational being able to look across at the Teton Mountains while making MEGnificent masterpieces! I loved living, working and playing in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana national forests. I hope you feel the joy, freedom and adventure I've put in my paintings from the road : )

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quilt Transformation

It's so fun to see my paintings inspire people. A very talented Woman in Livingston Montana bought one of my bear prints last year and asked if she could use it as a springboard to make a quilt. This year she brought the quilt in to show me. It was so cool, she is quite gifted indeed. I love the way "grizzly bear" got transformed! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Four Margarets

I recently had 4 generations of Margarets in my booth in Warrenton Texas and I couldn't resist taking a photo. It isn't that often I am surrounded by so many others like me. It was so fun : )

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Different Point of View

Meg cooking up breakfast

with a gorgeous view.

We had our first festival ever in the San Francisco area - a mere 12 hour drive with our new vintage 1963 trailer. Tory did a marvelous job getting her ready and the first morning we woke up surrounded by mountains looking down at a goregous lake. It was confirmation for me we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Can't wait for the summer tour : )

Sunday, March 6, 2011

clowning around and making BANK

I was recently at the home and HUGE art museum of John and Mable Ringling of Ringling Brothers Circus in Sarasota, FL. If you ever get the chance - GO! I was so impressed with how much art they had collected in their lifetime. There was a clown on the property so of course I had to have my photo with her. And I got to thinking. . . maybe I am going about this all wrong. I love to make people laugh, maybe I should run away and become a clown in the circus, work my way up the ladder, buy the circus and acquire an art collection bigger and badder than I ever imagined. It could happen. I'd make a good clown, that's a start - see : )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LOVE ME goes bye bye

Julie recognized this painting immediately and it stopped her in her tracks. She said she had seen me before at a festival in Tucson and fell in love with this painting because it looked just like her dog. She said she didn't want to pass it up twice and is now the new proud owner. This painting called Love Me is a signature piece for me and is my number one selling print. It screams feed me, love me, pet me and is a face every dog owner can relate to seeing everyday. I tell people I was feeling a bit needy the day I painted it and that's the truth!
I have lovingly replaced Love Me with a golden retreiver called So Golden that I am sure will spread even more joy than Love Me did!
Thanks Julie for becoming a collector of Meg Harper art!