Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snow in Santa Fe for my birthday

I was so pleased to participate in the 12th Annual Santa Fe Recycled Art Festival. What a talented group of artisans working towards a collective goal of being kind to the planet. Such great stuff - creativity I haven't seen in another show- I fell in love with so many items! Definitely had booth envy and got lots of great ideas for next years show as I WILL definitely be back! Loved Santa Fe, of course - such a great vibe there. Met some awesome people who loved my work and sold lots of stuff - got a commission - Yippeeee. Lots of opportunities to follow up on - I am so grateful. The booth and my art continue to get better and better. What a fun way to celebrate my birthday this year. Oh, and my cow (Moo Love) made the postcard for the promo piece - one of three featured. Yippee again!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I loved playing the violin, why not paint one?

First of all let me say how much fun it was to paint ON a violin!!! I played the violin from 4th grade thru high school and had a great experience as an orchestra geek!!
The Sixth Annual Painted Violin Fundraiser where I hand-painted a violin that will be raffled, auctioned or sold to benefit the Denver Young Artists Orchestra. Following a month-long display at the Rialto Café, my violin will be exhibited throughout the season at Masters Gallery, Clayton Lane Fine Arts, Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery, and eventgallery 910Arts.The fifteen violins featured in this site will be individually raffled during the Painted Violin Gala on Sunday, April 11, 2010 at the Marriot Denver Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse Street, Denver. Raffle ticket holders need not be present to win. To see more about this really cool event go to: www.paintedviolin.com

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Texas and Vegas

*New Painting - "Riffick the Pig" on tin roof.*************
Traveled to downtown Austin for the annual Pecan St. Festival in September with my hubby and resident side kick Tory. We loved the lakes, trees and colorful characters that surrounded us our entire trip. "Keep Austin Weird" was seen on many t-shirts throughout the fair and my art attracted much attention - I fit right in. I was scheduled to appear on the ABC TV stations morning news to promote the Festival and then got cancelled cause of more important news - what could be more important I ask you!!! We got to eat Wild Boar, drink Texas beer and enjoy some great Texas hospitality with friends made along the way! I only wish I would have had a longhorn painting to sell : ) - I had no idea Texans love football as much as they do. I know now!!

Boulder City, Nevada is a small town just south of Vegas and is a fantastic historic little gem with a great park where they hold really cool art festivals. This is my 2nd time in a Boulder City Art Festival and it was fun to have people remember my art, collectors invite me to dinner and feel the love!! It was windier than a twister in texas though and my tent ended up looking more like a pretzel. I made the best of it in traditional Meg fashion and sold off the lawn for the rest of Sunday. People didn't care apparently cause my sales were better on Sunday!!! Hilarious - I kept telling people I knew I was gonna be in the "Art IN the park" festival but not the "Art ON the park" festival. Looking forward to my next show in MESA! See where to find my art for more details!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Billings and Boulder

The last two shows were super fun too! Billings was in a great park - met some great people and enjoyed some great art purchases. I was kinda sad that this was my last show in Montana but I know I'll be back next summer and add some more cities on the tour. I'd like to do a show in Bozeman and Missoula and then farther north and west. I've heard I didn't even get to see the most beautiful part of Montana - next time!

My hubby met me in Billings and we traveled south together thru Wyoming and then Colorado. I think that was the most beautiful part of the drive - we didn't go on any interstates! Two lane roads thru little towns are the best. We felt like we got to see an IMAX movie every day we were on the road.
We loved Boulder for sure. What's not to love with so much natural beauty wrapped up with a gorgeous downtown (loved Pearl St.) and lots of outdoor activities. We got to go tubing right in town - wow! We stayed with friends and had bbq's and music and lots of laughs. The show was at the 29th street mall outside which was different for me. It was all good though, lots of interest in pet portraits in Boulder which was fantastic! Can't wait to go back.
Back at home in the studio painting and entering shows for the fall. Austin, Texas is the next city at the end of September! Can't wait.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Butte Folk Festival

Butte Montana has great bones and is an awesome historic town. The draw for us was the International Folk Festival which was fantastic, fun and full of great music as you can imagine! I listened to great Chicago blues, rockabily, celtic, mariachi, and great old fashioned rock and roll at an outdoor venue and was right up front dancing of course. We were hits at the farmers mkt. and I sold quite a bit! The right photo is dinner Saturday nite at the M & M (a classic in Butte) which is like 112 years old! The left photo is our combined booth - Heidi and I set up at 3 different places each day and still had a fantastic weekend. We both needed a little r & r after this venue. We got it in Missoula . . . the next stop on the tour!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Butte Montana Folk Festival

Today I am in Bozeman Montana. Last night was a KOA campground with a hot spring right next to it - that was awesome. It was about 45 degrees last night but the airstream was warm and cozy. I love Bozeman and got the most fabulous massage and finally found an internet cafe that works! Yippeeee. 11 days on the road and doing great! We are off to Butte tomorrow morning to set up art and jewelry at a place called Gamers Cafe, then Saturday at the farmers market, the back to Gamers. Should be hilariously interesting indeed. We've printed up flyers to pass out at the Folk Festival, there's suppose to be 40,000 people at the festival so lets hope Gamers is jammin'. On the Montana roads . . . to be continued.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Desert Pearls Elevated Tour

The first show in Livingston Montana on the July 4th weekend was a huge success! I have sold out greeting cards and prints are almost gone. Had a great 3 day trip on the way here. Got to drive thru Zion and Yellowstone. Beautiful country indeed. Having so much fun and wanted to share a few photo's.

Heidi and I had so much fun driving up in the 66 Airstream! Here is a photo of us right outside Zion National Park in Utah. On the left is the view at sunset from our back patio at the house we are staying at outside Livingston, Montana.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roadtrip to Montana and Colorado

I am leaving this week to head to Montana and Colorado for a series of festivals with my girlfriend Heidi. I can't wait! I am so excited to share my work with the Northwest AND have a girly roadtrip. Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Murals and Strawberries

Since I last blogged I've painted 3 super colorful, happy, murals. Two were baby's rooms, one an underwater theme and the other a jungle theme, both very fun! The photo above is a fairy themed mural I did in North Carolina! My most recent mural was in a store called Domestic Bliss in downtown Mesa in their Baby Bliss section. It's very carnivalish - go check it out when you get a chance!

Also, attended the Strawberry Festival last weekend and had such a blast. The weather was wonderful and prints, earings and gift cards were flyin' out the booth! Sold my first wooden shutter painting as well. I am branching out and using other reclaimed pieces now in addition to the metal. Yippeee.

Planning my July schedule and it looks like both Montana and Colorado are in the mix. Hope you all are enjoying life!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bohemian Bliss Artsy Event May 15th & 16th

I am so excited about this upcoming event in Mesa I can hardly stand it. It's sponsored by the fun people who own Domestic Bliss on Mains St. in Mesa. Please come!! I'll be there with lots of great funky art!! Let me know if you want tickets and I'll get some for you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New FUN smaller pieces

Here are some fun smaller pieces I recently painted with the peace, love, joy theme on them. Yes, they have beaded fringe hanging from the bottom, couldn't resist! Just found out today I'll be going to Boulder, Colorado for an Art Festival on July 25 and 26th. Yippeee. I'll probably be doing more shows in Colorado in July as well. Why not??

Life After Expo

Wow, what a fantastic 3 months -but I am glad it's over. Since Expo I've been working on commissions and catching up with my life that seemed to dissapear for 74 days. I just got back from an Art Festival in Boulder City, Nevada just outside Vegas 6 miles from Lake Mead. Love that town, it's awesome, go - hang out in the historic downtown area!! One of my paintings won best in show - the Saguaro triptick AND I sold the painting as well. I also sold a bunch of earings and prints along with another large metal animal. It was so much fun!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini Megs jewelry

We are in the last leg of the show now - wow what a marathon it has been. The month of March I am told is the most exciting and most profitable!! I have been enjoying the warmer weather, heading up sales training for the artists, painting away, and building my collector base. I learn something new everyday. I have just finished a night scene painting that is spectacular!! I'll post a jpg when I take a photo. I've entered a show in August up in Park City Utah am looking forward to hearing back in April from them. I am presently working on jewelry called minimegs that will be sold here in town at Yoga Nirvana Studio where I practice weekly AND on the road at various art fairs around the country. They will be at the Ostrich Festival next weekend - $20 for a necklace. They have a miniature image from my paintings and either the words peace, love or joy imprinted on them and they are made from reclaimed corrigated metal. I wear one at the show sometimes that also has "buy my art" imprinted on it - hee hee. Oh, got some press on the ABC 15 website for my work and also in a few local publications. Very exciting!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Inspire Me

I typed up a short questionaire for people to fill out who come in my booth and show interest in my art. FREE research. I have so many people looking at my art, I figured it would be a good idea to find out what they are thinking and get it down on paper. I had the first person fill it out yesterday!! Here are the highlights: I asked what she felt when looking at my paintings. She said she loved the colors and felt energetic. She said if she had enough money to buy art she would purchase mine. Yeah! A future buyer!! How much $$ does someone need to make before they feel they can "afford" art. Interesting question to ponder for sure. I truly wonder what that magic number is for people. She suggested that I offer to paint customers owned animals. Pet portraits I believe is what she meant. And YES I am offering to paint pets and am looking for a commission to do right now as a matter of fact. I've done 2 commissions thru the show and they've both LOVED what I painted for them. I have attached Duke, my latest commission to share with ya'll.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The night at the Gala

There were over 700 who attended an evening with the artists under the big top. There was great food, spirits, music and beautiful artists all dressed up and enjoying the evening! I met lots of great people and it was so fun where this beautiful outfit. I haven't gotten dressed up like this in a long time. This years Gala was the most attended one yet they have had!

Today and next Thursday we are having a garden party from 4p-7p if anyone would like to come and enjoy fantastic apps. and art!

Friday, February 6, 2009

RJ and his portrait on corrigated tin

This was the sweetest little guy ever that I've had the pleasure of painting. Wanted to share him with ya'll. The show is going really well. I've sold 3 paintings so far (Cowpoke Flo and a flower triptik on the tin) and the gala is coming up tomorrow night and I am super excited about it. Putting together some recycled art jewelry for the show as well on the recycled tin. Calling them mini-megs - come see me and my new pieces I've been creating at booth 78!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The sooner you start looking for the good the faster you'll find it

I am writing a positive saying everyday on a eraser board. This is a photo of one of them. I want to spread joy to the world thru my words and paintings and this has been a fun addition to my space at the booth.

I am having so much fun at the Expo!! I am meeting my first pooch to do a pet portrait tomorrow and I am very excited. Lots of activity and interest. An artist from the show as she was leaving said to me last night "I have fallen in love with 2 of your paintings and if I have any extra $$ at the end of the show I am buying them." How sweet - even the artists want to buy my labor of love.

I am working on a press release that focuses on recycled art so cross your fingers I'll be getting some additional press for the show. I am feeling more comfortable in my shoes so to speak in front of people painting all day and learning how to market myself better (knowing what to say, how much to say, when to say, etc). Each day I get a little more knowledgeable. I am convinced that the positive energy radiating from my booth will translate into a very profitable show.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've been coined "The Tinwoman"

If you know me for any length of time you would learn that my favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. This movie inspires me because for that time period it was a really creative movie (ahead of it's time), the characters are rich and I love the moral of the story. I've always believed that there is no place like home (home in your heart anyway). So, it's been funny to have artists call me that name because I am painting on reclaimed tin.

The tinman wanted a heart so he could feel love. It's funny how sometimes we believe we must have something from the outside world in order to feel love inside. I have been pondering what kind of love I've been searching for and what comes to mind is unconditional love for myself and thus others as well. Seeing the best in people, expecting good to happen, trusting where I am at is perfect and who I am is perfect I think is what it means to me. Whenever I don't feel love remembering it's not something a wizard out there is going to give but a choice I make during each moment of every day. Love myself unconditionally.

I have started writing down an inspirational sentence at my art booth and I am gonna take pix everyday of what I write and send post them. Artists are getting exciting about seeing them now. It's fun. You'll have a couple tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indeed a Pink Giraffe, thanks Penny

You never know where your inspiration is going to come from right? This paintings colors were inspired by the pajamas of my great neice Penny! I happened to be wearing pink that day too so it was pretty funny. Pink stands for unconditional love I've been told so I am all for having it in my life!

The show is continuing to open doors for me and show are many good things yet to come. I have a strong interest on two pieces, the bear and the wolf from two separate woman. I know both pieces will end up in a good home very soon!!!

The woman who liked the bear said this - It's nice to see NEW creativity at this show. Something fun, and colorful and not the same-ole, same-ole southwestern art. It's refreshing!

Another comment: Your work has a liveliness to it and expresses your personality.
Hope to see you at the show! Meg

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is the super fun painting I have started at the show of a Saguaro Cactus. It's got lots of great colors!

This is me at the show. I have now had 3 days of comments from over 300 people and I am listening. The words that keep coming up are fun, colorful, happy, funky, and whimsical. That's me alright. I have started receiving peoples business cards and have someone interested in a dog portrait of their Jack Russell Terrier!! Yippeee! I am getting more comfortable and enjoying all the input I am receiving. One of the other artists at the show called me a non traditional southwestern contemporary artist which was cool. I think it's fitting. Happy Hours are at 5pm everyday on the patio!

Friday, January 16, 2009

See Meg Harper live and painting at the Arizona Fine Arts Expo

First day at the Fine Art show with my recycled art - Visit me and buy some art!

Thought I'd update you on the first day of the Arizona Fine Art Expo. The artists and their work looked fantastic. I felt honored to be apart of the show with the quality of work displayed. This is day 1 of 72 so you'll be hearing from me quite often as I have time during the day to jot comments and such down. This event is taking place at MacDonald Ranch which is over 12,000 acres of land off Jomax and Scottsdale Rd., who knew there was such a huge ranch in North Scottsdale, not me! I even had Dan, the cowboy who works at the ranch, buy me my first bowl of soup for lunch! He is quite the character. I also won an award already at the show for losing my name tag first. Hilarious. There were quite a few sales, none for me YET! It felt good to see so many people smile when they passed by my paintings, the recycled metal ones were very well received. Anyhoo, here are some comments about my work that people shared with me during the day.

I love the bright colors of your work.

I love the eyes on the Mexican Wolf.

You have happy paintings.

I love your stuff, it's so funky.

Your colors flow like a river thru the painting.

Someone said my work reminded them of a childrens book illustrator named Audrey Woods. I haven't looked her up yet.

Happy I am that yesterday went so well and I got to share my work with over 100 people. The artists are all super nice and I am looking forward to the next 71 days!

I have written a note to read every morning at my booth that says: My paintings sell easily. I sell more paintings every day. I bring joy and sunshine to everyone I meet.

I post pix tomorrow of the event and my booth!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 is a GREAT year so far

Wanted to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!! I've been painting away over the holidays doing some dog portraits, family portraits and faux work. I feel very blessed to have the gift of painting to share with the world.

I will be live and in person at the Arizona Fine Arts Expo off Jomax and Scottsdale Rd. in the BIG white tent selling my newest recycled artwork on corrigated metal and painting away if you want to visit me. It's a 10 week show from January 15th thru March 29th. There are 100 artists there so it's quite the event with entertainment, parties and more!