Thursday, January 29, 2009

The sooner you start looking for the good the faster you'll find it

I am writing a positive saying everyday on a eraser board. This is a photo of one of them. I want to spread joy to the world thru my words and paintings and this has been a fun addition to my space at the booth.

I am having so much fun at the Expo!! I am meeting my first pooch to do a pet portrait tomorrow and I am very excited. Lots of activity and interest. An artist from the show as she was leaving said to me last night "I have fallen in love with 2 of your paintings and if I have any extra $$ at the end of the show I am buying them." How sweet - even the artists want to buy my labor of love.

I am working on a press release that focuses on recycled art so cross your fingers I'll be getting some additional press for the show. I am feeling more comfortable in my shoes so to speak in front of people painting all day and learning how to market myself better (knowing what to say, how much to say, when to say, etc). Each day I get a little more knowledgeable. I am convinced that the positive energy radiating from my booth will translate into a very profitable show.

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