Friday, January 16, 2009

First day at the Fine Art show with my recycled art - Visit me and buy some art!

Thought I'd update you on the first day of the Arizona Fine Art Expo. The artists and their work looked fantastic. I felt honored to be apart of the show with the quality of work displayed. This is day 1 of 72 so you'll be hearing from me quite often as I have time during the day to jot comments and such down. This event is taking place at MacDonald Ranch which is over 12,000 acres of land off Jomax and Scottsdale Rd., who knew there was such a huge ranch in North Scottsdale, not me! I even had Dan, the cowboy who works at the ranch, buy me my first bowl of soup for lunch! He is quite the character. I also won an award already at the show for losing my name tag first. Hilarious. There were quite a few sales, none for me YET! It felt good to see so many people smile when they passed by my paintings, the recycled metal ones were very well received. Anyhoo, here are some comments about my work that people shared with me during the day.

I love the bright colors of your work.

I love the eyes on the Mexican Wolf.

You have happy paintings.

I love your stuff, it's so funky.

Your colors flow like a river thru the painting.

Someone said my work reminded them of a childrens book illustrator named Audrey Woods. I haven't looked her up yet.

Happy I am that yesterday went so well and I got to share my work with over 100 people. The artists are all super nice and I am looking forward to the next 71 days!

I have written a note to read every morning at my booth that says: My paintings sell easily. I sell more paintings every day. I bring joy and sunshine to everyone I meet.

I post pix tomorrow of the event and my booth!

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KatieJ said...

I'm so glad it's going well- what a great environment! I can't wait to see pictures, hopefully we will be out there soon to see you in action!