Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indeed a Pink Giraffe, thanks Penny

You never know where your inspiration is going to come from right? This paintings colors were inspired by the pajamas of my great neice Penny! I happened to be wearing pink that day too so it was pretty funny. Pink stands for unconditional love I've been told so I am all for having it in my life!

The show is continuing to open doors for me and show are many good things yet to come. I have a strong interest on two pieces, the bear and the wolf from two separate woman. I know both pieces will end up in a good home very soon!!!

The woman who liked the bear said this - It's nice to see NEW creativity at this show. Something fun, and colorful and not the same-ole, same-ole southwestern art. It's refreshing!

Another comment: Your work has a liveliness to it and expresses your personality.
Hope to see you at the show! Meg

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