Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Guerilla Studio" - painting on the fly in Boulder

 We spent some time at our favorite friends bungalow in Boulder, CO.  He has a glorious backyard filled with wildflowers and lots of green foliage.  I took it upon myself to set up my studio with two trash receptacles and a hollow core door for the table top.  I love the easel, a tree trunk, PERFECT.  I had so much fun, it felt like the jungle with squirrels and birds checking out what this lady was doing on their turf.  I even had a canopy with the trees above me for the daily afternoon showers.  I figure, if I'm IN nature, feeling it's healing energy, painting nature, it's got to be a super duper dose of sunshine that's a bonus gift hidden in the painting.  Needless to say, "Cowabunga" sold right away so I am going to say it worked perrrrrfectly.  Note to self, sunshine induced paintings zing!