Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hop To It in 3D

This is a great example of series of 24 unique prints available on megharper.com and at art festivals on various flooring and cabinet materials.  We are PRINTING on marble, travertine, Pergo, porceline and cabinet materials to create an a more rustic/contemporary, 3D, one of a kind, already framed, doesn't look like a print, print!  The backing is fauxed and made from cement siding and the tin is from a barn roof in Missouri.  They are UV protected and sealed so you can also hang them under a covered patio.  What a story to tell!!  This jackrabbit image was inspired after a trip to Yosemite National Park.  It's called Hop To It and it's a blend of my most favorite forest colors.  Just click on the drop down menu where the paper prints are on the website and see if it's an option, they range from $125 to $175.   This rabbit was chosen as a new print through a recent contest through Facebook, thanks to everyone who participated.  Because these materials are all reclaimed this delicious series won't last forever, so if you love it buy them now!