Friday, October 5, 2012

Yep, I'm a tree hugger and proud of it

I recently was blessed to be able to go to Yosemite National Park and visit the forest there.  It's magical.  The trees are so powerful and peaceful.  The forest there felt playful, solid, reverent, energizing, rejuvenating, mysterious and timeless.  This is just one of the grand beings gracing us with it's wonder.  I felt so small yet so connect to it all.  The forest inspires me. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Guerilla Studio" - painting on the fly in Boulder

 We spent some time at our favorite friends bungalow in Boulder, CO.  He has a glorious backyard filled with wildflowers and lots of green foliage.  I took it upon myself to set up my studio with two trash receptacles and a hollow core door for the table top.  I love the easel, a tree trunk, PERFECT.  I had so much fun, it felt like the jungle with squirrels and birds checking out what this lady was doing on their turf.  I even had a canopy with the trees above me for the daily afternoon showers.  I figure, if I'm IN nature, feeling it's healing energy, painting nature, it's got to be a super duper dose of sunshine that's a bonus gift hidden in the painting.  Needless to say, "Cowabunga" sold right away so I am going to say it worked perrrrrfectly.  Note to self, sunshine induced paintings zing!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Latest and greatest silly cigar box purse called Escape.

Jill loved the fun of the cigar box purses and it took her a while to be able to decide which one to get.  She brought friends, husband and passers by into her decision making and it was so much fun.  I think she picked a great one myself.  Loads of laughter with this guy for sure!!!  What a conversation piece : ) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Painting pet portraits in the wild, my fav

On the road again painting in nature, my favorite!!!!  I am surrounded by wild Iris, butterflies, and the sweet, sweet sound of wind going through the aspens.  Lucy is a labradoodle pet portrait commission and is so fun to paint vibrant, wild and easy to put in the Meg Harper flair. I am painting her on reclaimed tin, a favorite of mine : )  I am grateful to be in Cloudcroft, NM for a festival and experience the wilderness above Las Cruces at 8500 ft. elevation.   Happpy Memorial Day weekend everyone!! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Endearing Moment For Sure

Kaye (from Las Cruces, NM) immediately connected with this Mule Deer painting I had done from a photo in my parents backyard at the base of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. It represented my brothers last family visit ever and was truly an "endearing moment" in time for me (that's the name of the painting). It's so precious and sweet and full of life and color just like I want to remember my brother. I usually never get emotional when I sell a painting, but this time the tears were flowing when I told Kaye the story. I am so grateful to have captured his memory in something full of life and nature based and beautiful. A MEGnificent moment in time and on reclaimed tin now forever.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yippie Ky Yeah Tubac

Here is something you don't see at an art festival EVER. Free Trolley rides by real cowboys, so fun! This was part of the flavor of Tubac that made the adventure so memorable and so western indeed. We loved the little artsy town and all the personality that came with it. The Tubac Art Festival is a keeper and I suggest taking the ride down there (south of Tucson) whenever you get the chance, so fun!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Trip to Quartzsite

We decided to check out what the thousands of RVs in February were all about in Quartzsite, AZ this year and set up shop for a week. It was BIG and dusty and full of well . . . let's just say there wasn't a lot of fine art to be had - I was definitely a creative oasis in the desert. Our neighbors made it wildly entertaining and this photo just HAD to be taken. We did make some great contacts and have 60 mile an hour wind stories to share. Wow - next