Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pets, People and Pueblos - Perfect!

Well the holiday season turned out to be quite a great time for my art. I had so much fun attending festivals in and around Arizona. It was so nice on so many levels. I was blessed with great sales and commissions of pets, people and pueblos. I have been fortunate to have a awesome set of collectors and people who really enjoy my style - that makes it sooooooooooo nice. I've been able to bring such joy to so many people for x-mas presents.
Here is just one response from a recent pet portrait commission. "My mom is really pleased with the portrait. When she pulled the tissue off the canvas, she cried, “It’s Jane!” She is delighted and amazed by how well you captured the essence of her dear friend. Thanks for your wonderful work!"
There are many new products and ideas I am putting into action this year. I am so excited to share them with the world. Can't wait for ya'll to see the new stuff!

I am planning out the year, entering shows, etc. So far I know I'll be in Tucson for the March 4th Street Art Festival. It will be my first time in Tucson for a festival and I can't wait!!!
I am so excited for 2010!!!