Friday, February 6, 2009

RJ and his portrait on corrigated tin

This was the sweetest little guy ever that I've had the pleasure of painting. Wanted to share him with ya'll. The show is going really well. I've sold 3 paintings so far (Cowpoke Flo and a flower triptik on the tin) and the gala is coming up tomorrow night and I am super excited about it. Putting together some recycled art jewelry for the show as well on the recycled tin. Calling them mini-megs - come see me and my new pieces I've been creating at booth 78!!


KatieJ said...

That is so cute Meg! I love it- and congrats on selling 3 paintings!!! I can't wait to see the jewelry- has anyone contacted you about the press release?

ANNA BANANNA'S blog said...

is that your dog?