Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Texas and Vegas

*New Painting - "Riffick the Pig" on tin roof.*************
Traveled to downtown Austin for the annual Pecan St. Festival in September with my hubby and resident side kick Tory. We loved the lakes, trees and colorful characters that surrounded us our entire trip. "Keep Austin Weird" was seen on many t-shirts throughout the fair and my art attracted much attention - I fit right in. I was scheduled to appear on the ABC TV stations morning news to promote the Festival and then got cancelled cause of more important news - what could be more important I ask you!!! We got to eat Wild Boar, drink Texas beer and enjoy some great Texas hospitality with friends made along the way! I only wish I would have had a longhorn painting to sell : ) - I had no idea Texans love football as much as they do. I know now!!

Boulder City, Nevada is a small town just south of Vegas and is a fantastic historic little gem with a great park where they hold really cool art festivals. This is my 2nd time in a Boulder City Art Festival and it was fun to have people remember my art, collectors invite me to dinner and feel the love!! It was windier than a twister in texas though and my tent ended up looking more like a pretzel. I made the best of it in traditional Meg fashion and sold off the lawn for the rest of Sunday. People didn't care apparently cause my sales were better on Sunday!!! Hilarious - I kept telling people I knew I was gonna be in the "Art IN the park" festival but not the "Art ON the park" festival. Looking forward to my next show in MESA! See where to find my art for more details!

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