Monday, June 15, 2009

Murals and Strawberries

Since I last blogged I've painted 3 super colorful, happy, murals. Two were baby's rooms, one an underwater theme and the other a jungle theme, both very fun! The photo above is a fairy themed mural I did in North Carolina! My most recent mural was in a store called Domestic Bliss in downtown Mesa in their Baby Bliss section. It's very carnivalish - go check it out when you get a chance!

Also, attended the Strawberry Festival last weekend and had such a blast. The weather was wonderful and prints, earings and gift cards were flyin' out the booth! Sold my first wooden shutter painting as well. I am branching out and using other reclaimed pieces now in addition to the metal. Yippeee.

Planning my July schedule and it looks like both Montana and Colorado are in the mix. Hope you all are enjoying life!


KatieJ said...

Seeing if I can leave a comment- that is really cute, I will have to pay a visit to Domestic Bliss this week!

Anonymous said...

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