Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Endangered Species Series

Welcome to my new work. I was inspired to paint this series after attending a Court hearing for Arizona Eagles. Eagles in general were taken off the endangered species list in August but our native bald eagles which are smaller and lighter than other eagles were petitioned to have their own protection because there are only a few dozen left. It was a very inspirational hearing and I hope the series translates that emotion. The good news is that a federal judge decided to grant our Arizona Eagles to remain under the act's protection.
These are the first 3 paintings in the series. The material I am painting on is reclaimed tin roofing from the original Courthouse property in Florence, Arizona. I will be going to Sedona at the end of the month to get these into a gallery there, so if you'd like them buy them now. . . .
Mexican Wolf - $1012

Ocelot - $1012
Jaguar - $1282You can also buy more affordable giclee prints from my online shop by clicking HERE.

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