Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flygirl Series

"Girls just want to have fun", Cindy Lauper so elequently said once in a song I grew up listening to. That was basically what I wanted to accomplish in this set of paintings, just have some fun. Let loose a little bit and get back to the child inside. So, how does a grown up adult woman of 42 do that? Well, I chose to partner up so to speak, with my neighbor, Hannah, across the street who is 11 and use her drawings as springboards for my work. She provided me with about 10 drawings of girls of various shapes and sizes to which I then created this series of paintings. Each painting has some reference of flight in it so the name Flygirl series seemed fun and appropriate. Hannah was my inspiration and I thank her for sharing her drawings with me. You can see the whole Flygirl Series on my website HERE.

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