Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An adventure called Antique Week

What the heck is a fine artist doing at a show in Warrenton Texas called Antique Week? That's what I asked myself as I was driving for 2 days to get there. Well, it had a lot to do with faith and an opportunity to travel again with Heidi. I also have good memories from my last event in Austin, Texas. Thought I'd give it a shot - I'm always up for adventure. Turns out being the ONLY artist pretty much out of 2000 booths kinda makes me even more memorable. It was the best show yet, sold 5 originals and a ton of prints, earings, etc. Ya never know, such an interesting business indeed. Heidi and I both had a great time with cowboy boots, country music, texas caviar, and the airstream of course. We even got to dress up for prom nite - An event that happened in our "field" while we were there. Can't wait to go back in the fall. Love Texas Hill Country and love the people!
Photos: Left: Proud owner with painting I did AT the show on old shutters. Me dressed for Prom Nite. Couldn't resist taking a photo in Harper, Texas. Below: Barns and buildings and tents and more tents!

Just for fun thought I'd ask for your input on a couple things:

Call for good animal photos: Please send me a funny, humorous, make you smile photo jpg. of your pet or an animal of anykind. If I use it in a painting I'll give you a free print!!

Please give me input: Explain your deep internal reaction to my art and summarize it's signficance to humanity. I would like to put some of your comments up on my website. I'll send you a free print if I use your response.


David said...

Mindy and I enjoyed meeting you. We were the ones set up across from your first location that loaned you the shopping cart and some other items to use for displaying your art. You'll see some familiar faces here...

And on some other posts too.

Guess we'll probably see you at the Fall show!

ANNA BANANNA'S blog said...

hey meg,
its anna
did you like the texas trip it was fun